Doctor's Day 30th March

March 29, 2016

Doctor's Day 30th March

Doctors Day 30th March

Introduction to Doctor's Day

Did you know there was a day specially to celebrate the contributions of doctors? Well there is and it's on 30th March. Doctor's around the world dedicate the best years of their life's to the profession and the patients that they treat. Let's take a look on how this day came about. Back in 1933, Eudora Brown Almond, wife of Dr. Charles B. Almond, decided to put aside a day to celebrate the contributions of her husband and fellow doctors. This happened on the anniversary of the first administration of anesthesia by Dr. Crawford W. Long in 1842. Later the Alliance decided to adopt 30th March as Doctor's Day. 
"WHEREAS the Alliance to the Barrow County Medical Society wishes to pay lasting tribute to the Doctors, therefore, be it RESOLVED by the Alliance to the Barrow County Medical that March 30, the day that famous Georgian Dr. Crawford W. Long first used ether anesthesia in surgery, be adopted as "Doctors' Day," the object to be the well-being and honor of the profession, its observance demanding some act of kindness, gift or tribute in remembrance of the Doctors."
Later the word spread around the United States and resolutions were put forward at several medical association meetings. In 1958, a Resolution Commemorating Doctors Day was adopted by the United States House of Representatives. Many years later, due to overwhelming support by the United States Senate and House of Representatives, on 30th October 1990, President George Bush signed an enactment to officially declare March 30th, National Doctors' Day.
During the early years of Doctor's Day, people used to mail cards to physicians and flowers were placed on graves of doctors. As time passed, the red carnation flower was largely used as the symbol of Doctors' Day.
Why was the red carnation flower chosen? Well, the analogy of the carnation was closely related to the medical field, and it's nature of masculinity with it's spicy scent was chosen as the official symbol for Doctor's Day. Crown-coronation-denotes honorary distinction. Its spicy fragrance was used in seasoning dishes "to preserve the body of men, both in mind and spirit." From the juice of its petals a wine was made "that did comfort the heart of man."

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