Where Should You Keep Your Stethoscope?

May 16, 2016

Where Should You Keep Your Stethoscope?

Where should  you keep your stethoscope?

The debate has been around for years. Should you hang it around your neck? Should it be in your pockets? Can you dangle it from your arms and strut around the hospital? Some may say putting it around the neck is unprofessional. That is a matter of opinion. Here are some reasons why you should not be carrying it around your neck:

Give your neck a break

Neck Ache caused by placing stethoscope around neck for long hours

One thing is certain: sooner or later your neck will protest. The doctors on TV make it look so easy. In real life, you have to admit that there are times especially after long shifts where you've simply gotten tired carrying it around. Your neck begins to stiffen or sore. You long for the clinic day to end, so that you can go home and unwind, and maybe get a massage from your significant other.

Yuck! there are Bugs on my Stethoscope...

While some get of with just a neck ache other doctors or nurses are not so lucky. They contract infections from the stethoscope. How? Well your stethoscope can be carrying bacteria from the many patients it comes in contact with, and that gets onto your skin. There have been numerous cases of health professionals getting MRSA or C. diff.

Visual of MRSA infection that ruptured.MRSA infections is commonly found among people who have a weak immune systems, visit or work at hospitals, nursing homes, and other medical centers. While, C. Diff commonly affect patients in hospitals or long-term care facilities. 

Can oil damage your tubing?

According to the manufacturers, the stethoscope shouldn't even be on your neck. All those oils from your skin damage its tubing and reduce its lifespan. So no one - neither you nor the scope - is comfortable.

Solution to the problem

Stethoscope holder inspired by cowboys

That brings us back to the question at hand, Where Should You Keep Your Stethoscope? Well, to find the answer we look to the cowboys. They keep their most trusted pistol in a place that is convenient to carry and quick to draw. That's right folks its time your stethoscope got a holster. That is why the market is flooded with stethoscope holders and clips. They take the burden from your neck, and you can attach it in places such as your belt or pocket.

But just like anything in the market, there are plenty of options to choose from but not all of them work the best. Here are some of the problems we faced when find the right stethoscope holder:

  • Some holders can only fit a single stethoscope type or brand. Which means if you ever had to change from a classic / standard to a electronic or single sided stethoscope it will not fit. We were looking for one that was universal and would fit any type or brand.
  • The holster was not designed to hold the stethoscope head under vigorous movement. If you had to rush to the OR or happen to be moving a lot the scope easily drops out of the holder.
  • The weight of the holder was to heavy to clip onto our pants.

The Best Stethoscope Holder in Town

Best stethoscope holder by Uberdoco

After trying several options we finally found the winning holder. They have been designed to take the stethoscope off your hands and neck in virtually all locations and scenarios. You can use the holder on your usual rounds in the hospital or when you're rushing to a distress call at the Rockies without having to worry about dropping your stethoscope along the way. You can attach it in your pockets or on anything that has a strap. Since it's lightweight at 3oz, you won't even notice you're carrying it around. Well Cowboys and girls, here's where you can get your stethoscope holder.

It's time redefine the way we carry our most frequently used tool.