Get Your Stethoscope Off Your Neck with the Stethoscope Clip

May 24, 2016

Get Your Stethoscope Off Your Neck with the Stethoscope Clip

This is not just because a patient can go overboard and use it to strangle you like in ER. The chances of that happening are all too low, unless you work in a prison infirmary off course. But that still doesn't stop you from putting it away when you're around extra-twitchy patients, does it?

Doctors and nurses hang the stethoscope on their necks as a matter of convenience. However, it soon becomes a bother, leaving the neck tired.

Use stethoscope holder to reduce neck ache

Some then decide to shove it into their pockets. Do you get annoyed each time you have to go fishing for it among your other stuff? Let’s not forget that each time you keep it in your pockets, the ear tips keep wrapping themselves around chair handles, bed rails and even IV tubing's. Don't you wish there was somewhere that you could dangle your stethoscope and still have it within arm’s reach? Don't you want a solution that will take the stethoscope off your hands until the precise moment when you need it?

This is why there are stethoscope accessories like the stethoscope holder or the stethoscope clip. Instead of strapping the stethoscope around your neck like an unreal necklace, you can simply clip it onto your waistband, scrub top, belt or purse. That way, there'll be no more neck strains, and you can do your job when you're more relaxed. Not to mention that you protect yourself from getting illnesses from bacteria like C. Diff and MRSA that hitch a ride on the stethoscope.

Of course, you'll still have to regularly wash the stethoscope and the stethoscope clip itself.

The tubing of the stethoscope is also protected from reacting with the oils produced on the back of your neck. (Most leading brands of stethoscopes do include a warning about oil damaging the tubing of your stethoscope.) When looking for a stethoscope holder, go for one that is light, durable and easy to use like the Stethoscope holders here. You’ll want a holder that can be used with the diverse brands of stethoscopes, and one that you can keep with you for a long time.