Amazing Stethoscopes Deliver “Phenomenal” Sound Quality and Acoustic Clarity – …even in the noisiest situations!

November 21, 2014


No matter how noisy the environment you find yourself in, our UltraScope makes it EASY to perform a complete assessment and diagnosis of heart and/or lung sounds in human and animal patients.

Why? It’s because of our unique patented design that puts high-performance quality into your hands – at a mid-range price level.

It’s perfect for hearing your patients’ vitals, even through sirens, machines, and crying children!

You’ll be able to hear the split S2s and murmurs – and make an accurate diagnosis – even under the most stressful LOUD circumstances!

Plus, our UltraScope helps you SAVE TIME – because it eliminates the need to flip between diaphragm and bell. It’s a single-sided acoustic stethoscope that enables you to easily monitor sounds by alternating pressure between sites. You just listen once – and you have what you need!

Plus, it’s very lightweight, rugged, and powerful enough to hear assessments through dressings on burn patients… or bandages, clothing, and blankets on everyone from elderly, emaciated, or sleeping patients.

Veterinarians can even hear through animal fur and purring with our UltraScope.

Because it’s lightweight, it’s extremely comfortable to wear around your neck all day long if you wish.

And, what’s even nicer is the “personal touch” we can give your stethoscope!

We offer a variety of fun, distinctive designs that let you create your own unique identity – and let your best “bedside manner” shine through for your patients to see!

This is especially valuable for doctors and nurses who treat young children – particularly those traumatized by their illness or injuries.

The “fun” designs available – from the classic “smiley face” to animals and cartoon figures – help ease the anxiety that your youngest patients often feel when getting checked by the doctor or nurse.

You can choose between 8 vibrant head colors, as well as 15 colorful tubing options!

Paramedics, EMTS, and fire personnel will also appreciate the Delrin sold acrylic head that blocks out ambient noise – allowing you to hear clearly and accurately as you auscultate heart and lung sounds more precisely than with standard stethoscopes. You can even hear through clothing!

These work great at accident scenes or disaster areas… over ambulance sirens or helicopter engines… honking horns and screaming victims or onlookers… even the busiest streets or highways with terrible road and traffic noise.

You’ll still be able to pick up the most subtle sounds you’re listening for in a critical patient – quickly, easily, and reliably!

And since the UltraScope is so affordably priced, you need not worry about “babying” it. You’ll want more than one!