Best stethoscope brands in 2018 (Top 5)

March 27, 2018

Best stethoscope brands in 2018 (Top 5)

Finding the right stethoscope can be a challenge for medical professionals as more brands come into the market. Not to worry, Uberdoco’s main goal is to look out for functional and innovative products in the medical field to help professionals perform their duty better and even have some fun doing it. After researching a wide range of stethoscope brands, we has come up with a review of the best stethoscope brands in 2018 for allowing medical professionals to get the most functional and stylish stethoscope for their needs.

The best stethoscope brands given below have been selected based on the performance and efficiency of the stethoscopes along with their build and material quality. Importance has also been given to functionality of stethoscopes
according to different medical situations and their affordability for curating the best stethoscope brands to readers.

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    This American brand stands out due to its high quality and reliability. Headquartered in LA, this company came into business in 1971. Since then, MDF has rolled out a number of stethoscopes with some of them offering great accuracy and functionality as well. The most popular design of this brand features a solid assembly of bell and diaphragm to provide good acoustic performance. The ear tips are designed to comfortably fit in the ear with a snap tight mechanism which helps in limiting external noises. Made using stainless steel, these stethoscopes are quite durable work well for long periods. Customers can choose from a wide range of MDF stethoscopes which come in more than 30 colors with options for engraving.

    The stethoscopes offered by MDF are also affordable as they are manufactured in Asia. Many professionals think that their products are comparatively less robust than other companies featured on this list due to this factor. Although, MDF offers lifetime warranty and a program to avail free parts for life, getting a stethoscope replaced or repaired can prove to be a hassle sometimes.

    Welch Allyn

      Starting business in 1915, Welch Allyn proudly claims to be one of the oldest stethoscope brands in the world. Although they originally supplied medical equipment to eye doctors, they soon branched out to gain more market through their high performance stethoscopes. They also produce stethoscopes for one time use known as “disposable uniscopes” for diagnosing patients who are highly infectious. These are a great tool to prevent spreading infections during treatment and come only for $8.

      However, general Welch Allyn stethoscopes are quite expensive starting from over $100 and their cardiology grade stethoscopes can easily cost upwards of $250. This makes them unaffordable if you are on a budget. Although, Welch Allyn also offers two less expensive lines known as Harvey and Elite, but they don’t perform as well as cardiology grade stethoscopes.


        This cheap and functional brand has been loved by students all over the globe. While prestige has a large range of stethoscopes, it is most famous for its lightweight stethoscopes which cost less than $30. After comparison, some professionals even rate these as the best stethoscopes for hearing lung or heart sounds. One of the most favored stethoscopes from Prestige weighs less than 4 ounces making it ideal to be carried around all day. Prestige also offers many models featuring an anodized aluminum scope along with a two sided diaphragm which gives them durability as well as strength.

        However, based on several online customer reviews have often complained about the difficulty of using these stethoscopes due to their short cord length or troublesome bell mechanism. Also, despite all the features and functionality, Prestige stethoscopes still lack in performance when compared to cardiology stethoscopes of the best stethoscope brands on this list as per customer reviews.

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        Featuring a broad range of stethoscopes in three different categories, Littmann is the most popular brand when it comes to stethoscopes. After buying the patent to make Littmann stethoscopes from doctor Littman in 60’s, 3M has now become the largest stethoscope brand in market. The company 3M is a huge corporation which uses well-tested processes to provide better quality products to their customers putting the company at top spots amongst the best stethoscope brands.

        While there’s not a single list of best stethoscope brands which does not feature Littmann stethoscopes, it can be really hard choosing the ideal option due to a large variety of options and there can be vast differences in the performance capability between two Littmann stethoscopes. Although the standard and digital stethoscopes from Littmann are affordable, they do not have the same quality as their cardiology stethoscopes also known as “masterclass” stethoscopes. On the other hand, masterclass stethoscopes have nearly doubled the price and can prove to be costly.


          Reigning over the top position, we feel Ultrascopes have the best choice for everyone. While being extremely durable, these stethoscopes provide the same level of high quality sounds as the “Masterclass” stethoscopes by Littmann. Ultrascopes come in two types which is called the Maxiscope and the Ultrascope. These are both cardiology stethoscopes. 

          Despite selling a cardiology grade stethoscope the price of Ultrascopes are in the same range as a standard stethoscope making is close to half the price of a cardiology stethoscope from other brands. 

          It is undeniable that a cardiology stethoscope is better than a standard stethoscope in terms of quality and performance. This combination of high quality, performance and affordability puts Ultrascopes on the top amongst best stethoscope brands.

          Other than being affordable and high quality, Ultrascopes also provides a large range of design customisation features for its models. Customers can choose from a wide range of tubing colors, head designs and other options to get the perfect stethoscope to suit each individual style. Also, all Ultrascopes stethoscopes come with a lifetime warranty

          Therefore, in our opinion Ultrascopes is the best stethoscope brand to suit everyone’s needs due to its superior performance, functionality, build quality and affordability.

          Get your Ultrascope from Uberdoco and enjoy an exclusive 60 days money back guarantee for Uberdoco customers.

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