Types Of Stethoscopes

March 27, 2018

Types Of Stethoscopes

A stethoscope is a vital equipment when it comes to the medical profession. As a medical practitioner, the services you deliver will not only depend on your skills, but also on the quality of the equipment that you use. A good stethoscope enables you to perform one of the most fundamental tasks, auscultation, with the chief aim of assessing the condition of the abdominal and thoracic organs and blood vessels. The following are parts of a stethoscope:

  • Ear tips
  • Ear tube
  • Tubing
  • Headset
  • Stem
  • Chest-piece
  • Diaphragm
  • Bell

You might be wondering whether there are any differences between the different types of stethoscopes because they almost look the same when viewed physically. Let me take you through the different types of stethoscopes and their functionality.

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1) Cardiology stethoscope

The cardiology stethoscope looks like a regular stethoscope but it's difference is in its ability to give excellent acoustic quality. It also comes with the ability to hear both low and high frequency sounds from the diaphragm without the need to use a bell which is commonly found in dual headed stethoscopes. Apart from the high-quality sound, it has thicker earpieces that block out the unnecessary noise and prevents interference with auscultation. When choosing a cardiology stethoscope such as Ultrascope, consider going for the type of stethoscope with a thicker tubing and the one that is short between the earpieces and the diaphragm to maintain high sound quality. They are very good for listening to the heart beat, S2 and murmurs apart from their other normal usages.

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2) Infant stethoscope

This is another stethoscope that looks like the neonate and the pediatric stethoscope but comes with a difference in its diameter. At around 2.6cm, the chest piece can give very accurate auscultations for infants. It has a non-latex build up to avoid allergic reactions because it is used on infants. It is used by medical practitioners and also medical students to listen and study the heart and other sounds to diagnose physically and assess infant patients.

3) Neonatal stethoscope

This type of stethoscope is the smallest type for newborn patients. It has the smallest diameter of about 2cm which allows for very accurate auscultation without noise interference from the surrounding. They also feature a non-latex construction to avoid allergic reactions, and a non - chill ring. It's smaller size enables for accurate diagnosis in a shorter period as it doesn't require any adjustments. It is used for diagnosis and physical assessment in newborn babies.

4) Pediatric stethoscope

It looks like a regular stethoscope, but it can be distinguished from its color and the size of the chest piece. It has a small chest piece thus allowing for more accurate placement. It's difference in color comes with an added advantage in that it resembles a toy and can, therefore, be used to examine a child who might be frightened. This type of stethoscope is used to diagnose and also physically asses sick children.

5) Electronic stethoscope

Electronic stethoscopes help to solve sound problems by amplifying the sound that is obtained from the chest-piece electronically and then converting it into electric waves that are then transmitted through particular circuits and then processed for better listening. Some use piezoelectric crystals. These types of stethoscopes come in two categories; the amplifying and the digitizing stethoscopes. It is advantageous in that it can amplify the cardiac or the respiratory sounds thus facilitating fast diagnosis in the case of faint sounds. They also apply filters to select the various pulmonary or the cardiac sounds.

6) Teaching stethoscope

This type of stethoscope features single-lumen tubing that is highly durable. It also comes with solid stainless chest piece and has a dual headset. This feature enables the teacher and the student to use the stethoscope at the same time. They mostly are used for teaching purposes.


To conclude, always take note on the performance, the material quality and the functionality of the stethoscope that you buy and also go for the most durable types.

I hope we were able to enlighten you on the different types of stethoscopes and if you came here looking to buy a stethoscope for yourself, we at Uberdoco would recommend going for the Cardiology stethoscope by Ultrascope which is a high quality stethoscope but priced in the same range of a standard stethoscope, plus it comes with a lifetime warranty and customizable designs. Click the link to learn more. 

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