UltraScope Stethoscope Customer Review #20

May 16, 2018

UltraScope Stethoscope Customer Review #20

Here is a review from one of our awesome customers.

L. Alcaraz

"I was a little skeptical at first, but this thing works amazingly. I tested it in noisy rooms around the house, right in front of a roaring fan on full blast, etc. and the sound was very clear and easy to distinguish. It's also not hard to use. The rounded acrylic is actually very ergonomic, in my opinion.rnrnthe ear pieces that were installed on the stethoscope were a little dirty straight out of the package, but it looks like bits of the packaging itself. (cardboard dust, etc.) So I'm not concerned about that either. It came with extra ear tips and a name tag, too."

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(Disclaimer: The Image of the UltraScope Stethoscope above is the same product the customer purchased but may not be the exact design that this customer selected. This review is intended to show the quality, performance and our commitment to excellent customer service of the UltraScope Stethoscope.)