No matter how LOUD it gets, you can rely on the superior cardiology acoustics of the UltraScope!

  • Sirens, machines, even crying children are no match for this audio clarity and strength!
  • Hear the split S2s and murmurs – makes it easy to hear the subtle distinctions!
  • The design that saves time! No more flipping between diaphragm and bell!
  • Listen once, get what you need! Spend less time trying to find sounds!

Works with ANY patient, in ANY condition!

  • Assessments come through loud and clear in all circumstances. Not even dressings on burn patients can block this sound quality!
  • Working with elderly, emaciated, or sleeping patients? Need to get assessments through bandages, clothing or blankets? Not a problem!
  • Veterinarians can even hear through animal fur, purring, and barking!

Light Weight

  • Weights only 6oz. – making UltraScope stethoscopes 20% lighter than leading brands!
  • Comfortable enough to wear around your neck all day long!

Distinctive Design Features

  • Custom Graphics are helpful “distractions” for anxious patients
  • Choose from medical gray to fashionable animal prints!
  • Special paint requests available at a small additional charge
  • Custom logo diaphragms available! (Email us at

Distinctive Engraving Features You’ll Love!

  • Highly visible – seems to 'float' above the design!
  • Add your name, credentials, and/or medical insignia.
  • Add a room number or bed number for designated stethoscopes.
  • Add color for high or low contrast – making your scope easier to see!

Affordably Priced

  • High performance stethoscope at a ‘mid-range’ price!
  • Quality sound for every medical professional – never before offered at such an affordable price!



The UltraScope head is machined from a shatter proof, crack resistant acrylic. The heads are individually hand painted inside the listening chamber.
The MaxiScope head is made from extremely durable Delrin® plastic.
Each is unique and will vary in color and design.


Made from Polyvinyl Chloride (PVC) and completelyLatex Free


Stainless steel Cardiology style with internal spring for Single and Teaching Models
External spring for Classic Model


Polyvinyl Chloride (PVC) outer casing.
For screw on style eartips only: stainless steel inner piece

Retaining Ring

Chrome plated, threaded retaining ring that screws on base of chestpiece


Flexible diaphragm with imprinted UltraScope or MaxiScope logo