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Are You Hearing Impaired? Then THIS is the Stethoscope for YOU!

The Ultrascope is so powerful – and delivers such crystal –clear audio assessments – it even works for those who are hard-of-hearing.

That’s because of the high-quality construction of the acrylic head – and the high-fidelity dynamics that make every sound come through loud and clear.

Take a look at what our happy, satisfied customers say…


  • "We have identified a few students with hearing impairment... The Classic has helped them regain their confidence in vital signs."

    M. Alexander, Instructor (UltraScope Classic Stethoscope)

  • "I'm hearing impaired in my right ear and the Classic works exactly as described. I could not be happier with my purchase."

    R. Campbell, Nurse in Bluff City, TN (UltraScope Classic Stethoscope)

  • "I am hearing impaired and someone mentioned this product to me as I was not able to afford another electronic stethoscope after it broke. I can definitely hear much better out of this stethoscope than a regular stethoscope and I didn't have to spend a fortune. Thank you!"

    D. Goodson, Other in San Antonio, TX (MaxiScope Classic Stethoscope)

  • "[The MaxiScope] is an amazing stethoscope. I am hearing impaired so this works extremely well."

    R. Adrian, Medical Assistant in Stanwood, WA (MaxiScope Classic Stethoscope)

  • "This is an awesome scope I am slightly hard of hearing due to chronic ear issues and now I can hear heartbeats and lung sounds through purring and whining I LOVE IT!"

    N. Bachman, Vet Technician in Colorado Springs, CO

  • "I am slightly hearing impaired and I was looking for a scope that would be easy to use and that would help me in clinicals. The classic model I purchased is awesome! I am excited about returning to the floor now!"

    S. Hamilton, Nursing Student in Port Wentworth, GA (UltraScope Classic Stethoscope)

  • "A+++++! I have a hearing impairment and this stethoscope saved my future career."

    R. Simovitch, Nursing Student in Hollywood, FL

  • "I am hard of hearing in one ear, I tried the UltraScope and was amazed at how clear the sound was. This is now my favorite stethoscope."

    L. F. Kirby, Respiratory Therapist in Sacramento, CA

  • "This scope has great RANGE and clarity and I am hearing impaired."

    D. Epp, RN in Kings Park, NY

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