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  • This stethoscope is amazing. So different from any others. I was always a fan of L..., but this blows them out of the water. I don't have to hold the ear pieces (which I always had to do with L...) to hear correctly, fits just right. I LOVE my new stethoscope!!

    A. Taylor, LPN (UltraScope Classic Stethoscope)

  • "Sound is clear. LOVE this stethoscope!" (MaxiScope)

    S. Webster, LPN, Student RN in Morgan, VT (MaxiScope Single Stethoscope)

  • "I love that my parents bought these two UltraScopes for me. :)( They are the best I have EVER owned!!"

    C. Hubbard, LPN in Bartlesville, OK

  • "Best ever! As soon as I put the ear buds in I could hear everything. Awesome."

    A. Holmar, LPN in Tuscaloosa, AL

  • "The first time using this stethoscope I was WOW! what clarity. Great Job on this wonderful product."

    T. Managhan, LPN in Toledo, OH

  • "Sound quality is great."

    D. Dozier, LPN in Meherrin, VA

  • "I love it! Always dependable. Lots of compliments."

    C. Sullivan, LPN II in Lecanto, FL

  • "I love it! It is so easy to hear heart and lungs!"

    A. Mosher, Home Health LPN in Corning, AR

  • "I have trouble separating distortion sounds and background noise, but this stethoscope is fantastic! "

    A. Zapata, Pharmacy Technician / LPN in Prairieville, LA

  • "Excellent scope for the job, great pictures to choose from. "

    G. Clark, LPN

  • "The clarity of what you hear is a tremendous help and it makes our job much easier. "

    S. Baker, LPN in Ahoskie, NC

  • "I love my UltraScope! It makes sounds much clearer than any other stethoscope I have ever used!"

    D. Palko, LPN in Roaring Spring, PA

  • "It is much easier to hear with. I think the different designs make it much more fun to use."

    L. Palmer, LPN in Cincinnati, OH

  • "Am extremely pleased with UltraScope, have not had to retake a BP or HR a 2nd time due to the inability to hear! Makes it able to obtain US accurately the 1st time, it is comfortable and light to wear an entire shift. As well as attractive to look at. I am very well pleased with it!"

    D. Havener, LPN in Oneida, NY

  • "Superior hearing, reasonable price--thank you!"

    M. Craig, LPN in Lynchburg, VA

  • "It has great acoustics and it is not heavy around my neck."

    J. Tinch, LPN in Covington, KY

  • "I am very pleased with my UltraScope. It is lightweight, the clarity is good, and I was happy that it came in a variety of colors."

    B. Helton, LPN in Cincinnati, OH

  • "Finally I can hear!"

    S. Hill, LPN in Rochester, WA

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