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You don’t work in quiet environments. That’s why you need an UltraScope! These are so powerfully sensitive, they’ll let you hear what you need to hear – even with sirens wailing, engines revving, or loud traffic noise.

When you need to listen to crucial lung sounds – or even check blood pressure sounds – the assessment you want will come through every time – even through thick clothing and bandages! Quick and accurate – when seconds count!

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  • "The UltraScope is great. I can finally hear a radial pulse."

    T. Barnard, Paramedic

  • "Let me begin by saying that I am not being compensated for promoting the MaxiScope or UltraScope stethoscopes in any shape or form. My first experience with this product was in the mid 90's at a fire equipment show in up-state New York. The salesman stated that you could assess lung sounds through structural turn-out gear. I had a hard time believing this, so I took the challenge. It was true, I could hear the gentleman's lung sounds without difficulty. Since that day it is the only stethoscope I use. Also being an EMS instructor, teaching lung sounds is much easier and the students learn that much faster with increased ability to improve their assessment skills. Dollar for dollar, if you provide EMS in your line of work, this is the best scope on the market in my opinion."

    Don Singer, NC Level 1 EMS Instructor, NC EMT-P, NC FF II - pa in Charlotte, NC

  • "Education and training is my passion with EMS. As a Level One Paramedic Instructor one of the hardest challenges in my environment is to train the best EMTs I can. In order to do this I have to depend on quality equipment. The MaxiScope gives me the opportunity to teach my students how to assess vital signs. Over the ten years of teaching, breath sounds are the hardest task to achieve. This product is priced right for the students and gives the quality that is needed for listening to breath sounds on our patents. When operating as a paramedic in various environments it is hard to listen. With this fact, I even have a hearing loss from years of "working the streets". I continue to offer this product to each class I teach so they can reach their full potential as EMTs and achieve my personal goal of great patient care. Hats off to you MaxiScope for making my job easier."

    Lisa Holmes, NREMT, Level One Paramedic Instructor in Charlotte, NC (MaxiScope Single Stethoscope)

  • "The quality of sound with the MaxiScope is exceptional. The noise on the ambulance or at a noisy vehicle accident can make hearing lung sounds impossible. This scope makes it easy to hear in those situations. Even through clothes!"

    E. Foran, Paramedic in Willisten, FL (MaxiScope Single Stethoscope)

  • "[MaxiScopes] are amazing! Best stethoscope you can buy! Everyone should have one."

    J. Lankford, EMT in St. Lenard, MD (MaxiScope Single Stethoscope)

  • "I am really impressed with the acoustics of my scope. I would put it up against a L.. any day in the back of an ambulance."

    D. Thomas, Paramedic/EMT in Dalton, MA (MaxiScope Single Stethoscope)

  • "This scope makes it so much easier to take blood pressures in the back of an it."

    M. Cooper, Paramedic/EMT in Greene, NY

  • "I have had my UltraScope stethoscope since 1994 when I went through EMT had been through hell and back with me until Monday May 20, 2013 where it went through the ultimate hell of the EF 5 tornado in Moore, Oklahoma at the Moore Medical Center. It has not been found. The hospital is giving us new scopes, but I am going to order a new one from you. There is NOTHING I have ever used that compares to the UltraScope and I want to use nothing else. Thank you for a wonderful product!!!!"

    D. Hannon, Paramedic / EMT in Moore, OK

  • "I have been very pleased with my UltraScope - especially with its ability to block ambient noise. Performs very well and much more affordable than alternatives. Also - colors and designs are fun - I get compliments all the time"

    C. Toben, Paramedic in Overland Park, KS

  • "Absolutely the best non-assisted scope on the market."

    C. Burt, Paramedic/EMT in Canandaigua, NY

  • "Great product. I recommend [UltraScope] to my EMT and EMR students."

    C. Thoenen, EMT in Linn, MO

  • "LOVE this product, and that fact that you can customize it makes it ten times better! I am a paramedic and nursing student and this is by far one of the best stethoscopes!"

    A. Claypool, EMT/Paramedic in Cynthiana, KY (UltraScope Single Stethoscope)

  • "The acoustics are great. I teach an EMT program and will recommend this product every time!"

    C. Snider, Firefighter/EMT in Osprey, FL

  • "It is an awesome scope. I also volunteer as an EMT and my UltraScope makes my assessment so much easier because of how the scope drowns out the background noise. Also, compared to my other scope, UltraScope is more clearer and more amplified."

    J. Farmer, RN/EMT-B in Windsor, NC

  • "This budget scope puts my L... Cardiology III to shame! Great acoustics even in the back of a noisy ambulance. Comfortable and not bulky."

    R. Girard, EMT-I in Bristol, CT

  • "UltraScopes are great, you can hear any sound and take BP in the back of moving ambulances with no problem."

    M. W., Paramedic in Mansfield, PA

  • "Love it... Its soo clear like listening to a pin drop!"

    C. Hornseth, EMT in Rosholt, SD

  • "I love it - I can hear through clothing while standing right next to the engine of the ambulance. Great quality!"

    J. Taylor, EMT-B in Gulfport, MS

  • "I can hear better with the UltraScope than any other one."

    E. Martinat, EMT in Granite Falls, NC

  • "On more than one occasion while on the ambulance we have had to treat and transport patients who live wearing all they own. In the back of an ambulance with the road traffic and vehicle noise to compete with, adding layers on layers of clothing makes lung sound and heart tones almost impossible to hear. The UltraScope has allowed me to successfully assess my patient despite the ambient noise."

    S. Bailey, EMT Paramedic in Largo, FL

  • "I love it! Anyone who has any type of hearing loss should order one. You can hear all the sounds you need to hear with UltraScope"

    L. Fannin, Paramedic in Spring Valley, OH

  • "32 years in EMS and this is the only scope I carry since 1995 or 1996"

    H. Fillingim, EMS Director / Critical Care Paramed in Rotan, TX

  • "I was downright shocked when my UltraScope performed on a critical patient trapped on a noisy rig floor while a helicopter was landing on location! My glow in the dark head & personal engraving are just an added bonus."

    N. Kimmitt, Paramedic in Calgary, AB Canada

  • "Fantastic product. I work as a Paramedic in NJ. I had a patient who had a leather jacket on and he did not want it cut. I was able to listen to lung sounds in the field through his jacket. Once at the hospital the doctor did not believe a stethoscope could do that so we covered the patient back up with his leather jacket (he was now in a hospital gown) and let the doctor listen to lung sounds using the UltraScope. He was impressed! "

    K. Tucker, Jr., Paramedic in Beachwood, NJ

  • "This makes it much easier to hear in the back of a noisy ambulance, even through clothes."

    S. Frank, EMT in Joppa, MD

  • "I love it with all the noise in the back of the ambulance. I am having hearing loss in right ear & I can hear great with UltraScope. "

    A. Lee, EMT-I in McAllister, NM

  • "This stethoscope removes so much background noise I could still take a BP while landing a helicopter. "

    D. Watters, Emergency Medical Responder in Appleton, WI

  • "This is the best stethoscope I have ever had. You can actually hear very well! "

    D. Daniels, EMT in Benson, NC

  • "Love it. Makes people smile."

    R. Noe, EMT in Lisbon, CT

  • "I like the UltraScope a lot better because I can hear a lot better. "

    S. Plank, Colfax, WI

  • "I love my new scope! Before I could never hear breath sounds but now I can, loud and clear! Thank you UltraScope."

    S. Sipos, EMT in Deer Park, TX

  • "I have a high frequency loss and I have found the UltraScope to be the solution to be able to hear blood pressures and lung sounds under field conditions experienced by an EMT."

    T. McNamara, EMT in North Chili, NY

  • "Stethoscope is ideal for loud and noisy environments such as vehicle extrications and the backs of ambulances."

    T. Giddella, EMT in Pax, WV

  • "No instrument has made my job easier than this UltraScope."

    B. Fahs, EMT in San Jose, CA

  • "Love the unique colors & acoustics are icing on the cake!"

    C. Berrigan, EMT in Gonzales, LA

  • "The most amazing part is the unbelievable clarity through bulky clothing or dressings. I can actually hear better than on the bare chest. "

    L. Greenley, EMT in King George, VA

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