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Keep your patients “entertained” and “distracted” with the cutest stethoscope head covers you’ve ever seen! Add fun images to the brightly colored head – even a different one for each day!

The following design collections work best to keep infants and children distracted while you treat them:


Plus, tubings come in an assortment of bright colors – fighting the drab, boring look of ordinary scopes!

High-quality acoustics let you assess through talking parents and crying/laughing children as noise is also a big factor in the pediatrics ward.



  • "Great stethoscope! Have been using UltraScopes for about 6 years - first as a pedi resident, now a practicing pediatrician. I like the different designs & fun colors; both kids & parents have commented on it."

    I. Edeki, Pediatrician in Houston, TX

  • "Kids love it."

    E. Dioknd, Pediatrician in Towson, MD

  • "Best pediatric scope ever! Great for kids!"

    J. West Brown, Pediatrician in Lorton, VA

  • "A great sounding stethoscope in a loud emergency room. Duo scope is so practical and great distraction for frightened children."

    C. Strother, Pediatric Emergency MD in New York, NY

  • "An excellent piece of equipment and the kids love it!"

    E. Cramer, M.D., Pediatrician in Tucson, AZ

  • "The acoustics are fantastic. My pediatric patients love the designs and it really helps to keep them cooperative. "

    N. Orovec, Pediatrician in Hamilton, ON Canada

  • "The UltraScope is a good stethoscope that also offers a little fun for the children (my patients) with its unique design."

    B. Sweeten, Pediatrician in Memphis, TN

  • "Love the light weight - easier on my neck after whole day in office yet very good acoustics! "

    N. Schmette, Pediatrician in Seattle, WA

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