Stethoscope Holder

Isn’t carrying your stethoscope a hassle?

Isn’t carrying your stethoscope a hassle?

3 Reasons Why you Need a Stethoscope Holder

#1 Studies show that bacteria such as MRSA and C. diff. on the stethoscope surface could be getting into your skin. Stethoscopes are constantly coming in contact with other surfaces that can harbour such bacteria - this very stethoscope it then placed on your neck exposing your skin to a risk of infection.

#2Did you know, oils from your skin can cause your stethoscope rubber tubing to break down? This fact has been stated in Littman's user manual as well. This effect will gradually shorten the lifespan of your stethoscope.

When you move your stethoscope from your neck to our holder you are actually reducing long term damage on your scope.

#3 Do you feel tired after carrying a stethoscope around your neck for a whole day? But wait isn't a stethoscope light, why would it cause me any problems? Well yes, it's light but placing it over your neck for long hours can slowly cause some tension to build up. Let's face it - medical professionals such as yourself already work in a stressful environment, why put more weight on your shoulders? Some nurses even equated it to a noose or dog collar.

It's for these reasons that the Stethoscope holder was created.



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Customer review

“Great Product, no more neck pain from hanging stethoscope! AAA+++”

- Delias R.

Highest sought out among the stethoscope accessories

Why? Mainly because it takes the weight off your neck and protects you from neck strains, headaches and contracting any ailment associated with viruses or bacteria lurking on the stethoscope.

It also looks professional and slashes down the maintenance requirements. The Stethoscope Holder can be easily attached anywhere - whether it's your pocket, tote bag, waist band or the medical cart.

Doctors and nurses particularly like it because it's easy to use - you simply place the stethoscope within the holder and clip it on a thin clipboard or anything with a strap - like your bag or pants.

Another plus it has is its craftsmanship- it's small and light, coming in at a meager 3 oz. That's light enough to move around whether it's during an emergency, trauma rotation, or even those long night shifts.

How to use the Stethoscope Holder

Customer review

“Love my stethoscope holder/clip!! It holds my stethoscope very well and clips onto my pants without falling off! And it comes in great colors too!”

- Katie N.

Product Specification

Material: Durable plastic and two stainless steel springs

Weight: 3oz

Dimensions: 3.5in x 2in x 1.5in

Colors: White, Black, Blue and Pink

Grab one today. In fact, it comes with a 60-day return policy in case you’re not completely satisfied with it.


$12.97 USD


Customer review

This is exactly what I need to keep track of my stethoscope!!! I can't believe someone else has not thought of this before!!! I will probably purchase more when I get an active coordinate with my outfits!!!

- Kathy M.

Frequently ask Questions


Q: How do we clean the stethoscope holder?

A: The Stethoscope holder is made from durable plastic and can be cleaned using alcohol swabs or wipes.


Q: What brands of stethoscoeps can I use the Holder with?

A: The Stethoscope holder is compatible with any brand or type of stethoscope as the holder clips onto the tube and not the head.


Q: The clip would get lost in my pocket along with my other stuff...

A: The clip is placed onto you pants, belt or the edge of your pocket. That means your stethoscope and clip will never have to be inside your pockets.

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Grab one today. In fact, it comes with a 60-day return policy in case you’re not completely satisfied with it.


$12.97 USD