UltraScope Stethoscope Reviews (Set 1)


Ultrascope Customer Reviews

I actually have 3 of these now. I tried one a couple of years ago (when my Littman that I received at graduation broke) and I instantly loved it. I bought 2 more last week so I don't have to be looking for my 1 good one all the time, (I can never remember where I set it down last.)
J. Riddle, Veterinarian in Princeton, MN (UltraScope Single Stethoscope)

I love my ultrascope!
M. Munster, Medial Assistant

Just received and it already pleases me - I have had a hard time with other models from different companies due to hearing difficulties. I could hear with the Ultrascope - first try!!! I don't need to have my hearing aid in with the Ultrascope!!!!!
J. Bigelow, CNA

Ordered three this time, already have three for our animal hospital. Everyone loves them.
j. schultz, Veterinarian

Absolutely love my ultrascope!! Great price for a top of the line stethoscope!!!
C. Carr, LPN in Amherst, VA

Love it. This is my third stethoscope I've bought I love everyone of them and I can hear so clearly.
K. Phillips, in Brockway, MI

Just received my stethoscope. It is beautiful and lightweight as expected. Great auscultation quality
S. Russell, RN or Other Nurse

The Ultrascope enables me to hear so much better
m. lyons, LPN

excellent product, kids love it
b. kulkarni, Pediatrician in fresno, CA

i love it!
A. Nafe, LPN in Ephrata, PA

Patients love my fun stethoscope and so do I. The lifetime warranty cannot be beat!
A. De Wit, RN or Other Nurse

my second Ultrascope. Had the first one for 16 years! The only reason I needed a new one is because my first was lost.
M. Case, Other in Bristol, CT

My wife and I met in nursing school more than 20 years ago. I bought her an Ultrascope as a gift about 15 years ago because she wasn't happy with the performance of the stethoscope she'd been using. She loved the Ultrascope from day one (AND it looked cool). I had used another well known brand and found it adequate until a year or so ago when a change in jobs made auditory acuity very important. My wife allowed me to borrow her Ultrascope and it was just what I needed. More amazing than the performance, frankly, is the warranty. During the time I had my wife's Ultrascope one of the ear tips broke (It is over 15 years old). I was astonished to discover there would be no charge to replace the ear tips. Not for the parts. Not for the shipping. In the process I learned the same applies for replacement of the tubing, ring or diaphragm. Very cool. The manufacturer of the other stethoscope I've used doesn't do that. I know - I've replaced ear tips and diaphragm on that scope in t
D. Ruhl, LPN in Monessen, PA

Simply the grooviest stetoscope ever and acoustics are very good also.
A. Luukka, Physician

Absolutely love this stethoscope. A respiratory therapist I work with recommended it to me and I will never shop another brand again!
P. Clark, RN or Other Nurse in Bellarie, OH

So cute and lightweight. I get compliments all the time! The design and quality are top notch!
C. Stewart, Respiratory Therapist

Better than a Littmann Cardiology! Love my Ultrascope Stethoscope!
B. Green, in Montevallo, AL

My previous ultrascope was awesome but the tubing broke. Had I registered it and known about the free tubing replacement I would not have needed to buy a new one. Best stethoscope I have owned and with the free replacement parts it is well worth the investment.
J. Cochran, Paramedic / EMT

I just got this stethoscope last night as a Christmas present and I can't wait to use it. It is much lighter than my cardiology 3 and I love I can personalize it. Can't wait to try it out!
L. Webb, Students

Absolutely AMAZING!! Been wanting one for awhile and I'm so excited I finally got one! So light weight and super cute!! You can hear everything so well! I get lots of compliments too! Thank you!!
E. Encinas, Medial Assistant

Amazing product, was skeptical at first and even after receiving it as a gift from my gf, but it really does sound amazing.
J. Smith, Paramedic / EMT

Absolutely the best stethoscope I have ever used! My hearing isn't the best and with this stethoscope I can hear everything even mild heart murmurs!! Great product!!!
K. Keller, RN or Other Nurse

It's beautiful! I'm hoh....can'the wait to use it.
S. Frasier, in FELTON, DE

It's amazing! I have tinnitus and have a very difficult time auscultating heart and lung sounds with most other stethoscopes, not so with this one. I can hear the faintest of crackles with no problems and as so my confidence in my assessments has grown. I also love that I was able to completely customize my scope, I get questions/complements on it nearly every day!
A. Hendershot, RN or Other Nurse in Munroe Falls, OH

I love my ultrascope! I can hear better than with any other stethoscope I've ever used! All of my friends tried mine and now are on their way to purchasing one of their own:)
L. Sandmann, RN or Other Nurse

Beautiful color,very light, and sound clarity is great.
H. Lovell, LPN
Such great sound! I can hear a pin drop!
P. Cohen, RN or Other Nurse in milton, MA

Beautiful! Love it!
L. Nordland, Students

Always like our Ultrascope stethescopes!
A. Brockett, Veterinarian in Huntingdon, PA

Best stethoscope ever! Great sound
B. Owens, Respiratory Therapist in Longs, SC

I LOVE my Ultrascope! I work at a pediatric hospital and I get compliments on my "fun" stethoscope ALL the time! The kids love it and it makes their bad hospital day just a little bit better! It does what it needs to do as far as lung/heart/bowel sounds! I absolutely recommend this stethoscope to everyone!
L. Madsen, Students in Keenesburg, CO

These stethoscopes are top quality and allow for much better ability to hear in the back of a rescue unit or on a scene. The product is of very good quality, provides best available performance and is priced very reasonably when compared to other high quality stethoscopes. The cherry on top is the outstanding customer support, I don't know of any businesses that stand behind their products like this and also provide free replacement parts and ZERO cost to the customer for LIFE! Will continue to use and recommend!!
K. Isler, Paramedic / EMT in JUPITER, FL

The acoustics on this stethoscope are clear and this will be great for me to learn on!
A. Seachord, Vet Technician / Other

The veterinarians in my practice swear by the ultrascope!
E. Shortell, Vet Technician / Other

Great! I love the color. Haven't used it on patients yet, but I used it on myself and it does cut out ambient noise better than my old stethoscope. I thought the price was great.
K. Christensen, RN or Other Nurse

I love it! The sound is amazing!! Even with someone talking to you, you can still here the heartbeat!!
L. Bell

It as worked great and held up well. I am now needing new tubing after 3 years but expect to use the lifetime warranty.
S. Douglas, Medial Assistant

First time using it was in the room of an actively dying patient multiple family members in the room, ball game blasting on the television and oxygen concentrator humming. Mix all of those with the weak pulse of my patient and was still able to get his BP with no problem!
J. Ward, LPN in Cushing, OK

Love my ultrascope! Little patients really like it and will often engage with me about it - especially babies who try to eat it! It's beautiful and I prefer it to any other stethoscope I've ever used.
S. Hardy, Physician in Martinsburg, WV

Amazing and beautiful stethescope
Z. Viennas, Pediatrician

Love this steth!
A. Scott, RN or Other Nurse in Ocoee, FL

can hear better than my old littman
j. richards, Physician

Fantastic stethoscope!
M. Lukasik, RN or Other Nurse in Minot, ND

Love, Love, LOVE my Ultrascope! Best scope for the back of the ambulance!
S. Thompson, Paramedic / EMT in Hyde Park, NY

Really love the stethoscope. Has great length and great sound.
G. Banegura, Physician

Love my stethoscope! My pediatric patients love it too! Great accoustics. The on ly problem is that the tubing breaks and needs to be replaced once a year at least, but customer service is excellent and they send replacements fast.
M. Suarez-Troccoli, Physician in Cooper City, FL

Fantastic quality and sound. Cardiology worthy.
j. chadwick, RN or Other Nurse

I was hospitalized the same week I began nursing school. While admitted, my husband noticed the nurses stethoscope and asked about it. The RN lit up with excitement about this product. She was extremely happy with the lifetime warranty (she recently used it to get new tubing) and that it didn't need a bell. My husband purchased the stethoscope without me knowing and when it arrived, I was so happy and excited!
N. West, in Olathe, KS

My second Ultrascope! Not because the first one stopped working, but because I loved it so much I wanted another. I work on a Cardioligy floor and it works really well. Thank you for a great product!
S. Palmer, RN or Other Nurse in The Villages, FL

An EXCELLENT stethoscope!
E. Saccullo, Vet Technician / Other in Livermore

So far so good. rnSound is clear, equipment is durable, plus it's cute to boot. rnSound is a big part for me though. I have hearing loss and this will help me be of better service to my patients.
T. Rosenweig, Medial Assistant

I really like the sound quality and the appearance of the stethoscope. I have the "basic black" model and like that it looks more like a traditional stethoscope.
P. Jones, Physician

very good quality sounds even in obese CHF residents with shallow respiration's, was able to hear well in rooms with their t.v. up all the way and family yelling over it. love it so far!
A. BRYANT, LPN in Sulphur Springs, TX

Really like this one can't wait to use it.
M. Griffin, Dialysis

Love how it is lightweight putting less strain on my neck during long shifts.
S. Holsten, LPN in Jonesboro, AR

I was gifted a Littmann when I graduated from my nursing program and was satisfied with it. I loaned to a co-worker and never saw it again. Another co-worker was gracious enough to let me borrow her stethoscope and I was astounded! I didn't think there was a better quality stethoscope than the one I was given. I could hear lung sounds much easier and clearer. I love this stethoscope! AND!!! I would definitely recommend it over the stethoscope I had before. Thank you!! For a quality stethoscope at a very reasonable price!!!
D. Whirlwind Soldier, LPN

Very sensitive to cardiac sounds, great in places with lots of ambient noise.
M. Suriano, RN or Other Nurse

Love the quality and the way it locks out surrounding noises
Y. Allen Lawrence, RN or Other Nurse

I love my Ultrascope, works as well as my Littman for a fraction of the price and is much more attractive!
L. Stevenson, LPN

Love my stethoscope. I can hear so much better.
R. Cycotte,

love it!
M. Useche, Vet Technician / Other

I just received my Ultrascope stethoscope for nursing school. It is beautiful and I can't wait to use it!
K. Lorenzini, Students in Pittston, PA

Beautiful stethoscope with wonderful acoustics!
S. Webb, RN or Other Nurse in Jackson, MI

I absolutely love the quality, and design of the stethoscope, also fits in my ears perfectly and I feel like I can hear a mile away compared to other stethoscopes!
F. Giglio, CNA

light weight and great sound
T. Coon, Medial Assistant

Super excited to have this stethoscope!
C. Crawford, LPN in early, TX

Love the artistry and uniqueness of the beautiful hand painted grey cat face with matching tubing. I can continue to do my job and look awesome too!
C. Myers, Vet Technician / Other

Love it!
j. cook, Vet Technician / Other in Stuarts Draft, VA

I love this stethoscope. Had one when I was peds ICU nurse and just decided to buy another after lugging around Littman Cardiology in CICU. My neck and ears are much happier, as are my patients
M. Creed, RN or Other Nurse

Absolutely in love with my ultrascope, beautiful and worth every penny. Sounds is unbelievably clear!!!
T. Sawvell, LPN in Dayton, OH

This was bought for me for a graduation present and I could not be happier. I absolutely love the acoustics of the stethoscope.
H. Iser, LPN

Love this stethoscope, let's me hear everything in the back of an ambulance
R. Jackson, Paramedic / EMT in Clearwater, FL

I purchased 3 of these stethoscopes for our nurses to use to assess their residents. We were very pleased with this product, and will purchase more in the future.
M. Saleeby, RN or Other Nurse

I love this stethoscope.... so clear and great for pediatrics
s. deshields, Nurse Practitioner in Bensalem, PA

LOVE IT!!!! Tons of compliments
N. Horsch, Medial Assistant in Jackson, MI

Loving this stethoscope. I can hear way better with it than I can with my Littman. Even through layers of clothes or with noise, as I work in the ER.
M. Griffin, RN or Other Nurse in Blackwell, TX

Absolutely love it!
M. Coady, LPN

I love this stethoscope! It was just as I ordered it and came to me faster than predicted. Thank you UltraScope!!!
J. Underwood, CNA in Statesville, NC

Absolutely beautiful with impeccable sound quality! Great product at a great price!
K. Payne, Students in Blytheville, AR

This is a great scope! I love the fun colors too! Nobody can easily mistake my stethoscope for theirs.
s. swan, Veterinarian

I love my ultrascope. I had one from 1996 that was stolen from my locker at work and was heartbroken. So glad I could order one in pink with my flowers to replace the stolen one.
M. Henry, RN or Other Nurse
I received this stethoscope as a gift for my graduation/birthday gift. I have to say that in all my years in the medical field both as an EMT and a Medical Assistant, this is the absolute best one I have ever used. The sound clarity is amazing, and you can easily hear anything you are listening for. I highly recommend this stethoscope to anyone and everyone that I meet!!
B. Kiddoo, Medial Assistant in Spokane Valley, WA

Wonderful product.

I love your stethoscopes. This is the second one I have bought due to I needed a pediatric size!! I would recommend them to anyone and everyone!!!
A. Garzon, RN or Other Nurse in Edmonds, WA

Very stylish and good quality stethoscope.
K. Chriss, RN or Other Nurse

The sound quality is great, even for wiggly and furry patients. I love that it is almost as long (and sound quality as good) as the Littman large animal stethoscope for a fraction of the cost. Very easy to use on all sizes of animals and works well in noisy barns.
L. Malenke, Veterinarian

Such a fun stethoscope to use. I am a veterinary technician at a zoo and the Ultrascope Duo replaces several stethoscopes I use in practice for critters of all sizes.
A. Gallagher, CVT, Vet Technician / Other

I love my Ultrascope! I still get comments on the design and when anyone borrows it, they want to get one because of how well it works (even after all these years).
M. Jones, RN or Other Nurse in Mesa, AZ

First time using the Ultrascope. I have been a nurse for 32 years. By far my favorite stethoscope.
K. Kimrey, RN or Other Nurse

wonderful product LOVE mine 10 stars in my book!
R. Johnson, RN or Other Nurse

I got it as a graduation gift from my family. It is a beautiful stethoscope! It works wonderful!
J. Maina, LPN

Wow has amazing sound right out of the box !
J. Wheeler, Paramedic / EMT

So far sounds very clear compared to my more expensive Stethescope
A. Young, Nurse Practitioner

it is so bright and cheery
S. Vandenhul, Physician

I couldn't have pictured it ant better than it turned out! Love love LOVE my stethoscope!! Not only is it super adorable but I can hear so much better than with my other popular brand stethoscope!
J. Warner, RN or Other Nurse

This is my 2nd ultrascope and I wouldn't consider using anything else!
R. Darnell, Nurse Practitioner

It's gorgeous. I'm very excited to use it :)
L. Burk, RN or Other Nurse in Lake Geneva, WI

I get the most compliments about my awesome ultrascope! Works great in a peds environment!
V. Charbonneau, RN or Other Nurse in Tampa, FL

Really cute designs and better constructed!! Love them!!!
M. Velazquez, Physician in Bayamon, Puerto Rico, Puerto Rico

Customer service is excellent! Order processed and shipped in a timely manner and looks even better in person! Very impressed with the overall quality!
C. McCoy, RN or Other Nurse in Allen, TX

the clarity is great, love the design.
k. zetts, RN or Other Nurse (UltraScope Single Stethoscope)

I love it! My second one & I won't use anything else!
B. Cole, LPN in GILLESPIE, IL (UltraScope Single Stethoscope)

Love it! Beautiful stethoscope.
A. Mendoza, RN or Other Nurse (UltraScope Single Stethoscope)

Love it!
S. DeShields, Vet Technician / Other (UltraScope Single Stethoscope)

My very first stethoscope ever and after 10 years I still love it!
J. Abbott, RN or Other Nurse in Salem, VA (UltraScope Single Stethoscope)

Unbelievable quality- for the price! Love it
R. Sawh, Internist (UltraScope Classic Stethoscope)

When my previous Maxiscope was stolen, I had to use my even older ordinary stethoscope. That's when I was reminded of why I bought a Maxiscope in the first place! My hearing's not the best, and I simply couldn't do with the old scope what was routine with my Maxiscope; like hearing through clothing.
H. Burkhart, Paramedic / EMT (MaxiScope Single Stethoscope)

I absolutely love this stethoscope!
A. Barker, Medial Assistant in kokomo, IN (UltraScope Single Stethoscope)

I love it!
T. Howell-Stampley, Physician (UltraScope Single Stethoscope)

I got this ultrascope as a present for my son who is starting nursing school this year. I got my Ultrascope at an ENA convention in Salt Lake City many years ago and haven't had one regret. Thank you for making such a quality product. I am honored to be able to pass this tradition down to my child.
J. Sorenson, RN or Other Nurse in LAWTON, OK (MaxiScope Single Stethoscope)

I love the ultrascope stethoscopes! They are the only ones I've been using for the last years of my nursing career. I currently work in a busy Emergency Department and I wouldn't trade it for any other stethoscopes. I did just order a dual head w/ a peds head and I hope I love it just as much.
V. Rhodes, RN or Other Nurse in Waddell, AZ (UltraScope Single Stethoscope)

I absolutely love my new Ultrascope! I have paid much more for a well-known brand, and could barely hear in a noisy room. That's something I don't have to worry about any more. I already convinced a colleague to buy one for herself, and will be working on the rest of the floor nurses soon. I will never buy another brand again!
C. Conboy, LPN (UltraScope Single Stethoscope)

I love it. It distracts the kids and I can hear through everything.
B. Roach, RN or Other Nurse in New Kensington, PA (UltraScope Single Stethoscope)

I love it!! It's lightweight and met all of my expectations!!
R. Javellana, in Goodyear, AZ (UltraScope Single Stethoscope)

Beautiful and super clear sound!
B. Cameron, RN or Other Nurse (UltraScope Single Stethoscope)

I love it! It looks amazing and the acoustics are great! Not to mention it's easy to identify as mine. Highly recommend!
K. Coffelt, RN or Other Nurse in Yorba Linda, CA (UltraScope Single Stethoscope)

Cannot wait to use on the ambulance recommended by other paramedics
S. Kouninis, Paramedic / EMT (UltraScope Single Stethoscope)

I absolutely love my stethoscope! People are wanting to order because of how loud the sounds are, and you can't help but love the design!
N. Estep, RN or Other Nurse (UltraScope Single Stethoscope)

I love this stethoscope so far. Easy to hear lung sounds and blood pressures, even in a noisy environment. Lightweight and durable.
M. Holtzclaw, LPN (MaxiScope Classic Stethoscope)

I work at a loud veterinary hospital, and this stethoscope is AWESOME! It has excellent clarity and is very durable!
L. Bolton, Vet Technician / Other in Catlett, VA (UltraScope Single Stethoscope)

Better then my littmann master classic. Superior sound !!!!
A. Miranda, RN or Other Nurse (UltraScope Single Stethoscope)

Beautiful Craftsmanship and the sound is amazing!
J. Slegl, RN or Other Nurse in Spring Valley, CA

Works great, love it! Nice and bright so it never leaves my sight! Can hear lung and heart sounds much better then with my old littman classic II on tiny to large 4 legged friends. Scrubs.com had a upper only engraving option that fit Ashley Bower LVT in the one line, I couldnt get that to fit here and I didnt see an upper only option.
A. Bower, Vet Technician / Other (UltraScope Single Stethoscope)

Great acoustics, and it's lightweight and beautiful.
A. Riebling, RN or Other Nurse

I absolutely love my ultra scope! It is light weight and very durable and love my custome design! Thank you so much ultra scope!
C. Casas, Vet Technician / Other in Wisconsin Rapids, WI (UltraScope Single Stethoscope)

Looks even better than on the website! I haven't had a chance to use it officially yet but tried it out on my family as soon as I opened the box because I couldn't wait to try it out. As a pediatric nurse practitioner I find it frustrating to never seem to have the right stethoscope for the next patient around my neck and carrying 2 is too heavy and hurts my neck. The Duo Scope is the perfect solution to this problem and is so lightweight compared to my other stethoscopes. I have been a loyal user of a major competitor for over 20 years and am only sorry I didn't get an Ultrascope sooner!
K. Longtin, Nurse Practitioner in Bourbonnais, IL

Great product! Thoroughly impressed!
D. Daniels, Paramedic / EMT

Amazing acoustics and perfectly clear, no ambient noise or struggling to hear anymore! My stethoscope wasn't supposed to be here until the 23rd when ordered on the 2ng but I received it today and already enjoyed using it. It took a couple times varying the pressure applied to hear perfectly, only because I'm used to having a two sided stethoscope. Excellent! Highly recommend trying this stethoscope.
B. Carey, LPN in Girard, KS (UltraScope Single Stethoscope)

Amazing! Light weight, great sound and easily recognizable as mine with my customized choices of tubing and head. Perfect in so many ways!
M. Noonan, RN or Other Nurse (UltraScope Classic Stethoscope)

I love my Ultrascope Duo stethoscope!! I had been researching heard at hearing stethoscopes and had came across this website. Its helped so much! My boyfriend bought this for me as a gift for valentine's day and I have received so many compliments about it. I've told them all about UltraScope. I recommend this to anyone who's hard at hearing.
A. Toor, Medial Assistant (UltraScope Duo Stethoscope)

I received this as a gift when I graduated from nursing school. Almost 13 years later, it still works great!!!! I love the replacement warranty. I just placed my 3rd replacement request for tubing. A lot of my colleagues have another name brand stethoscope and have had to repurchase one when their tubing dries out. I will never purchase any other brand than ultrascope. I have purchased one for a close friend and when my sister graduates, I will purchase one for her as well.
N. Tate-Nowell, Other in Woodlawn, TN (UltraScope Single Stethoscope)

Great stethoscope with a great sound.
C. Wade, Paramedic / EMT in Duluth, GA (UltraScope Single Stethoscope)

amazing color, great fit, very light weight, easy to hear all around great product!
S. Parker, Dialysis

My hearing isn't the best any more but the Classic model with the dual tubes works great for me. I love this product.
T. Ernst, Paramedic / EMT (UltraScope Classic Stethoscope)

This is my second ultrascope. I had planned to retire with the first one, but someone decided they liked it too and it disappeared one day at work. I just wasn't happy with any other brand. I love it!!
K. Kirk, RN or Other Nurse in Columbia, IL (MaxiScope Single Stethoscope)

Love this stethoscope, I can hear so much better with this when taking blood pressures. And it's so pretty.
C. Murph, Medial Assistant

Love the scope, I can hear through many layers! It's lightweight and the design is cute. Well worth the money!
S. Baird,

Got the ultrascope duo for a christmas present because i knew I would be needing a better stethoscope for classes and i recieved this scope. It is amazing i can hear so much more clearly and just everything about it is great
E. Huebner, Vet Technician / Other

I work on a Telemetry unit and this has definitely helped with my ability to assess different issues with the heart
J. SMith, LPN (UltraScope Single Stethoscope)

I have hearing loss in my left year and as a nursing student I need to be able to hear sounds. I got my ultrascope for Christmas and absolutely fell in love with it! I can finally hear things i could not at first. I am truly happy with mine!
L. Brooks, RN or Other Nurse (UltraScope Single Stethoscope)

The acoustics are amazing! I would definitely recommend for anyone who has a difficult time hearing heart/lung sound .
R. Spears, RN or Other Nurse (UltraScope Single Stethoscope)

WAY back in 1999 I bought a smiley face ultrascope. I absolutely loved it. I have hearing loss and had trouble hearing soft heart sounds with other scopes. I found ultrascopes and will NEVER use any other! I misplaced my smiley face & so I bought another one. For the price, it's great quality, durability, awesome acoustics & plenty of styles to let your personality shine! You will LOVE this scope! My only suggestion is get it engraved-scopes have a habit of "disappearing"-you'll wanna keep this one for sure!!
V. ZABOROWSKI, RN or Other Nurse in JEFFERSON HILLS, PA (UltraScope Single Stethoscope)

I'm a cardiac nurse & have a slight hearing loss. I can hear everything with this scope! It's absolutely unique & durable. I will never have any other scope!
V. ZABOROWSKI, RN or Other Nurse in JEFFERSON HILLS, PA (UltraScope Single Stethoscope)

I love this stethoscope!! I'm always complimented on it, and my co workers always know who it belongs to!
J. Beadles, RN or Other Nurse in Frisco, TX (UltraScope Single Stethoscope)

Love it! Great sound, quality and very stylish! Lightweight can wear it around my neck all shift withouto any hassle.
A. Leavitt, RN or Other Nurse

Had an old ultrascope I used for 12 years and finally the tubing broke. I am impressed w/ its acoustics. Hears better than regular littmans.
K. Barnes, RN or Other Nurse (UltraScope Single Stethoscope)

WONDERFUL!! I had the TV pretty loud to truly test it out.. and I could still hear my apical and brachial pulse so perfect without out even focusing on a beat like normal when it is sort of noisy.
C. Moore, LPN (UltraScope Single Stethoscope)

Lightweight, excellent sound! Beautiful design.
H. O'Neal, Dialysis

I purchased this UltraScope because the stethoscopes at work tend to disappear, and acoustics on some of them were terrible. My pretty purple one stands out and acoustics are great!
M. Jordan, Other

The most beautiful stethoscope I've ever laid my eyes on.
Q. Nixon, Students in Dover, DE (UltraScope Single Stethoscope)

I purchased this product while in nursing school but since graduating have used it at my place of employment at a pediatric hospital. I must say, the sound quality is excellent with the pediatric population and I have recommended this stethoscope to many of my coworkers and nursing friends.
A. Dombrowski, RN or Other Nurse

I am deaf in one ear and this is wonderful stethoscope! I can hear everything even in the hectic environment of an ambulance. Everyone loves the pink color of my scope.
R. Perry, Paramedic / EMT in Centerville, GA (UltraScope Classic Stethoscope)

It took a little getting use to but I LOVE my ultrascope! It works so well through all the noise in the barns!
S. Blackwell, Veterinarian in Raleigh, NC (UltraScope Classic Stethoscope)

The best stethoscope ever!!
A. Gilkison, Respiratory Therapist in Castle Rock, CO (UltraScope Extended Stethoscope)

I LOVE it! Clear sound and cute look. I like it better than Littman.
A. Edwards, Other in Hampton, TN (UltraScope Classic Stethoscope)

I have been wanting an Ultrascope since I began my education in nursing school. Getting one for Christmas after becoming an RN is one of the most incredible gifts. I love it!! Listening to heart, lung and bowel sounds will be a breeze now! Thank you Ultrascope!!
A. Weigel, RN or Other Nurse (UltraScope Single Stethoscope)

Love my ultrascope! Will never use another brand!
C. Clements, RN or Other Nurse (UltraScope Single Stethoscope)

Wow! I needed a replacement diaphragm. To my surprise, the process was as simple as logging on and clicking the Replacement Parts icon. The whole process took about 30 seconds. If it truly is that easy to order replacement parts, then I am very impressed with the warranty and customer service for my UltraScope!
D. Dorman, Physician in Batavia, IL (UltraScope Single Stethoscope)

Love it. I have had one since 2002 until it was destroyed in a fire. It was the best thing I spent money on in my nursing career.
L. Wright, LPN (UltraScope Classic Stethoscope)

Great, super quality. As good as that other brand's 250$ model
D. Fulghum, Nurse Practitioner in Lakeview, AR (MaxiScope Single Stethoscope)

I really love this stethoscope! The sound quality is great!
J. Flaska, Students in Bethlehem, PA (MaxiScope Classic Stethoscope)

My UltraScope Stethoscope works like a charm! I have hearing loss in my right ear, and I am able to hear very clearly using this product. It really helps me get the job done at work, and I also love the sleek design of these stethoscopes!
C. Boucher, LPN

m. hubbard, in pace, FL (UltraScope Duo Stethoscope)

A unique piece of equipment that is very effective, it does what was said about it.
A. Cajigal, Physician

This is a fabulous stethoscope set - perfect for an OB/neonatal nurse. Why carry two stethoscopes when you can just carry one and swap out the head? Brilliant!
K. Miller, RN or Other Nurse in Broomfield, CO

My UltraScope stethoscope is phenomenal and has exceeded my expectations in both quality and comfort. It is lightweight and has incredible acoustics. I'm so pleased!
C. Swegle, Other

I love it!
C. Jergens, RN or Other Nurse (UltraScope Single Stethoscope)

I love it!!!
L. Cranney, RN or Other Nurse (MaxiScope Single Stethoscope)

So far, it is a good fit. I cannot give a complete review until I use it at clinicals tomorrow. However, I was able to hear my father's heartbeat through a double-thick jacket! It is wonderfully light, and if it works for me, I will get this model again. Thank you!
J. Widholm, Students (UltraScope Single Stethoscope)

love the design
B. Leal, RN or Other Nurse

I love my ultrascope!!! I can hear so much better than my "L" .... The acoustics are amazing and its so light weight!
c. ford, LPN in shreveport, LA (UltraScope Single Stethoscope)

I love it so far. This is my first UltraScope. It is lightweight, which is a bonus, and has great acoustics.
c. jernigan, RN or Other Nurse (UltraScope Single Stethoscope)

A. HERNANDEZ, Students (MaxiScope Single Stethoscope)

Absolutely BEAUTIFUL stethoscope. I had a really old L... & the sound on this UltraScope is sooo much better! Should have purchased an UltraScope years ago.
L. Deemer, Respiratory Therapist (UltraScope Single Stethoscope)

Love this stethoscope! I can have it fit my personality and it work better then some of the ones my coworkers have!
C. Lenz, Vet Technician / Other in Cassville, WI (UltraScope Single Stethoscope)

The sound is so clear. This is my second UltraScope! I love them
K. LILLY, RN or Other Nurse (UltraScope Single Stethoscope)

Nice sound. Cool look. Satisfied!
p. whetstine, Nurse Anesthetist (UltraScope Classic Stethoscope)

Very nice
J. Hare, Physician

My instructor said "you need a better stethoscope", so I asked around and several nurses recommended UltraScopes. I just received it and I haven't had an opportunity to use it on patients, but I have used it on my family and I've noticed a big difference between my old stethoscope and my UltraScope. Thanks!
C. Villalobos, LPN in Moses Lake, WA

I love my Ultrascope! I thought I owned one after using a coworker's so often. I just had to get my own! I purchased mine on Amazon, but am sending mine in for engraving. The level of excitement among all my boring L... owning colleagues makes me want to ensure my UltraScope stays mine!
J. Matthews, RN or Other Nurse (UltraScope Single Stethoscope)

LOVE IT!!! Thanks so much!
M. Clark, RN or Other Nurse in Keithville, LA

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