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Make your rounds so much nicer and easier when you use the UltraScope!

Get the highest quality sound clarity and efficiency – without spending a fortune on your scope!

Bright, colorful, fun designs let you STAND OUT among the staff – even entertaining your patients and providing “relief” from stressful situations!


  • Great sound transmission. Really cool looking scope.

    J. Puckett, Physician (UltraScope Single Stethoscope)

  • "I have used the UltraScope for 4 years and needed a reliable, quality backup. MaxiScope seems to fit the bill."

    D. Scheraga, Physician in Olney, MD (MaxiScope Single Stethoscope)

  • "Fun way to auscultate. My pediatric patients love it, and so do I."

    M. Walker, General Practitioner in Waitakere City, New Zealand

  • "Amazed in hearing low grade murmur, even S1 and S2."

    J. de Leon, MD in Aiea, HI

  • "This is the best stethoscope."

    I. Hashmi, Physician in Brooklyn, NY

  • "The sound is great and I love that you can mix and match designs. I would definitely by another in the future."

    K. M. Wagner, M.D. in Rockville, MD

  • "It is a great gift."

    V. Meiyappan, Doctor in Tauranga, New Zealand

  • "Love the personalization you were able to do....copying my photo from my business card of my teal Harley with American Flag background. Thanks."

    M. McCarthy, Physician in North Tustin, CA

  • "Very good both in looks and functionality. Kids love the pediatric version."

    S. G. Jois, Doctor in Bangalore, Karnataka, India

  • "Looks great and sounds are easy to hear."

    R. Wall, Physician in Phoenix, AZ

  • "I love the designs and sound quality."

    D. Logan, M.D. in Regina, Saskatchewan, Canada

  • "So far I think it is the best scope I have ever had."

    J. Maniscalco, Anesthesiologist in Panama City, FL

  • "How good is a smiley face that can listen to chests, etc. Very useful in A/E as it is good for listening through clothing to check chest sounds in resuscitation--saves time--saves lives. You can listen with the clothes off later."

    P.G. Johnston, Physician in Marlborough, New Zealand

  • "Prompt service. Custom design really delivers."

    C. Wellberg, MD, Physician in Bethesda, MD

  • "Good quality. Great conversation piece. I have the only one at a 700 bed teaching hospital. Patients and staff really enjoy it! "

    C. J. Lusch, MD, Physician in Redding, PA

  • "I work at a NASCAR Speedway where noise is a factor. Your stethoscope is the best for eliminating outside noise!" (10 year owner of an UltraScope)

    D. Rupprecht, PA-C in Lansing, MI

  • "I absolutely love my new scope. It is unique, comfortable, and works incredibly well in a noisy ER."

    H. Wilson, MD, Physician in Miami Beach, FL

  • "This was the most wonderful stethoscope I have ever purchased. I love the magnified picturesque scenes - very effective for getting my little ones attention."

    C. Hanna, MD, Physician in Richmond, VA

  • "Beautiful & wonderful. I bought two. "

    Dr. G. Wong, MD, Physician in Scarborough, ON Canada

  • "This is a really great stethoscope. "

    J. Jackson, Physician in Burke, VA

  • "The UltraScope is not only functionally effective, it is also light weight and aesthetically pleasing."

    M. Angeles-Riparip, M.D., Physician in West Covina, CA

  • "Attractive, my pedi patients are no longer afraid to be examined because they thought its a toy. Clear heart sounds and breath sounds even if the baby is crying. "

    E. Bayla, Physician in Lloilo City, Phillippines

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