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Stand out in the class with an UltraScope that fits your personality!

Plus, the high-quality sound clarity lets you pick up on the most subtle signs you’re looking for – perfect when learning how to distinguish all the various vitals, from S2s to murmurs and the quietest breath!

Makes a great graduation gift as well!


  • "I can hear lots of sounds you 'don't hear' when you are learning."

    M. Odle, BSN Student

  • I love how clear heart and lung sounds are! And it's so cute!

    S. Jackson, Students (UltraScope Single Stethoscope)

  • "I've tried many different brands of stethoscopes and couldn't hear anything, with my new UltraScope I can hear everything, even in a noisy room"

    M. Monk, Nursing Student in Beckley, WV (UltraScope Single Stethoscope)

  • "It's absolutely beautiful!! Best stethoscope I've EVER used!! I couldn't be more happy with my purchase! THANK YOU!"

    E. Diaz, Nursing Student in Wichita Falls, TX (UltraScope Single Stethoscope)

  • "The quality is unbelievable. It is so easy to hear with the MaxiScope. I will probably be a lifetime customer."

    J. Miclow, Nursing Student in Rockford, IL (MaxiScope Single Stethoscope)

  • "A nurse at the hospital let me try her MaxiScope out. It was the first time I could hear lung sounds clearly and the heartbeat was the loudest, clearest I ever heard. I am VERY SATISFIED. AWESOME PRODUCT! I would be a spokesperson for the company!"

    D. Taylor, Student Practical Nurse in Upper Sandusky, OH (MaxiScope Single Stethoscope)

  • "MaxiScope is a great stethoscope with accurate results for a very reasonable price."

    B. Johnson, Firefighter / PM Student in Puyallup, WA (MaxiScope Single Stethoscope)

  • "I absolutely LOVE my [MaxiScope]! I have a L... stethoscope, which I paid an outrageous amount for and my MaxiScope is so much better and at a fraction of the cost!"

    V. White, RN Student in Germantown, NC (MaxiScope Single Stethoscope)

  • "I am just learning to use a stethoscope, and compared to some of the others I have tried, MaxiScope is much simpler to use and has a clearer sounds."

    T. Jansen, Student in Alvin, TX (MaxiScope Single Stethoscope)

  • "These are beautiful and functional. As a medical student who needs to hear, these are wonderful!"

    S. Marroquin, Physician in Charleston, OR (UltraScope Single Stethoscope)

  • "This is an absolute necessity for any medical student. You can hear through clothes or even in noisy areas. This would make a great graduation gift for Nurses, CNAs, Medical Assistants or anyone who use stethoscopes, and plus the possibilities to customize are endless!!"

    C. Hernandez, Students in Fort Mohave, AZ (UltraScope Single Stethoscope)

  • "Love it so far! I can hear so well with this stethoscope and great quality!!"

    M. Barnett, Nursing Student in Carlisle, KY

  • "I needed a stethoscope for school and a friend of mine got an UltraScope and I had to have it! I love it! I can hear so well with it, definitely a good purchase."

    L. Coiner, Nursing Student in Fort Defiance, VA

  • "This is the best scope I have ever used, I can even hear when small kids talk in the background while I am trying to listen to heart and breath sounds of mom."

    E. Rummel, Nursing Student in Newburry, FL

  • "You hear great with these. They are such a great investment for anyone in the medical field. This is my most exciting investment as a soon to be nurse."

    S. Prevost, Nursing Student in Edmond, OK

  • "It is a great product! I love it!"

    W. Sheets, Student Nurse in Winslow, AZ

  • "As a nursing student, this stethoscope makes learning how to get vitals so much easier."

    J. Callahan, Student in Mantee, MS

  • "Purchased from Scrub Club in Bradenton FL. Easy order form, they even customized the areas I wanted the glitter to go. I am very happy with my purchase. The quality is of the sound is top knotch! I could not be happier with my purchase. I will recomend to all nursing students!"

    M. Pighini, Quality Health Care Student in Sarasota, FL

  • "I love this product. It is easy to clean and you can hear through gowns and pumps running. Great product."

    J. King, Nursing Student in Pikeville, NC

  • "I love it, best money ever spent."

    N. Szalanski, Student in Bonita Springs, FL

  • "I love that I was able to customize mine with a photo of my horse! Plus adding my initial and favorite color for the tubing is great."

    S. Gibson, Student in Upper Marlboro, MD

  • "Great stethoscope! Huge difference from the cheap stethoscope our nursing school gave us on the first day."

    N. Compton, Nurse student in Chula Vista, CA

  • "Love the look and sound of it!"

    L. Nolan, Student in Cleburne, TX

  • "Great scope with excellent sound, especially when learning."

    J. Heitzman, Medical Student in Knightdale, NC

  • "I love my UltraScope! It got here incredibly fast and the order was perfect. I love the clear sound and it helps me to really excel and reach my full potential in my clinical class!"

    C. Bond, Student in Augusta, GA

  • "My sister is an RN and when she knew I was entering a program for nursing, she highly recommended I take a look at the UltraScope. She took some good-natured ribbing from fellow students and even an instructor. When they used her UltraScope, the jokes ceased and they wished they had purchased one instead of L... I picked a blue, teal and silver design so that every time I see it, I will smile. Also, there is just no way anyone could accidentally pick up my stethoscope thinking it belongs to them. I am so excited to review this jewel to my fellow students soon!"

    D. Panger, Student in Dothan, AL

  • "It is very lightweight and the diaphragm is nice and easy to grab. I have neck problems, carpel tunnel, tendinitis and pain constantly in both arms so this makes it very easy for me to handle and carry around my neck. Other scopes can be heavy and bulky and hard to grab with carpel tunnel."

    J. Paszek, Student Nurse in Birnamwood, WI

  • "I was having trouble hearing blood pressure. It was effecting my ability to perform on clinical practice. This works fantastic!"

    R. Pignatti, RN Student in Syracuse, NY

  • "I can hear so much clearer. Our nursing school gave all instructors the dual head because of the quality and sound."

    J. Rice, CNA and Nursing Student in Hammond, LA

  • "They are awesome and it is nice to have a choice on what design you get to have."

    B. Johnston, Medical Assistant Student in Goldsboro, NC

  • "I had an injury in my ears scuba diving and since then I have had bad hearing I tried all stethoscopes ranging from $300 price range and by far UltraScope is affordable and guaranteed to work like it says."

    P. Librando, CNA Nursing Student in Juneau, AK

  • "I am slightly hearing impaired and I was looking for a scope that would be easy to use and that would help me in clinicals. The classic model I purchased is awesome! I am excited about returning to the floor now!"

    S. Hamilton, Nursing Student in Port Wentworth, GA (UltraScope Classic Stethoscope)

  • "I think it is wonderful, I had to do a check off and could not hear the B/P with the one I had. The teacher let me use her UltraScope and I heard it loud and clear."

    D. Morrison, Student/LVN in Seagoville, TX

  • "I was recommended to purchase this scope over the L... by an ICU Nurse who used to work in the ... hospital. This scope has a better sound than any I have checked into. Thank you."

    C. Suchy, Paramedic Student in Stillwater, OK

  • "I love this stethoscope. I feel more comfortable with blood pressures, bowel sounds, heart rates because I can hear so much better with this one."

    S. Simpson, LPN Student in Pineville, KY

  • "Great service! I needed my order within the week and your staff did everything they could to get it to me on time, engraved and all. It is so beautiful and very personalized!"

    L. Binning, Student in Mitchell, ON, Canada

  • "Makes learning so easy!"

    E. Duffy, Nursing Student in Brick, NJ

  • "We are very impressed with the quality of these stethoscopes, both the regular and the teaching stethoscopes."

    U. Okanagarson, Nursing Student in Kelowna, BC, Canada

  • "I love my stethoscope. I have gotten so many compliments on it from fellow students. To me it works better than any other ones I have listened with."

    B. Haney, Student in Waskom, TX

  • "A+++++! I have a hearing impairment and this stethoscope saved my future career."

    R. Simovitch, Nursing Student in Hollywood, FL

  • "Incredible stethoscope. Absolutely LOVE it!!"

    S. Corley, Student Nurse in Rio Grande, OH

  • "Very professional, yet extremely stylish."

    K. McAndrews, Respiratory Therapy Student in Ocean Springs, MS

  • "The stethoscope was amazing. It had just the right touch to make it neat for a male entering the nursing field."

    S. Thomas Jr., Nursing Student in Uniontown, PA

  • "Wow! I have not been able to hear from the school issued stethoscope, but I can hear everything loud and clear with the UltraScope and it is very pretty too!"

    A. Kiersch, RN Student in Carrollton, VA

  • "I love all of the fun styles and colors to choose from and the quality of the sound is far superior to the scope that I originally bought for school. Thanks for making such a great product."

    M. Kunz, Nursing Student in Bradenton, FL

  • "The UltraScope is a great piece of equipment! I really enjoy using it and do so with ease."

    C. Schofield, CNA Student in Philip, SD

  • "I love my UltraScope & the freedom of choice in what color/design I wanted. "

    C. Searle, Respiratory Therapy Student in Riverside, CA

  • "I was having trouble hearing BP. I bought the Ultrascope to help and passed the exam!"

    S. Cumo, Student in Chittenago, NY

  • " It works great! I was having issues hearing the beginning beat for BP. Now I can hear it every time on every person. It was really an amazing difference!"

    G. MacFarland, Medical Assistant Student in Cleveland, TN

  • "Since I am a new user of any stethoscopes, the Ultrascope made my learning of how to use stethoscopes very easy and clear!"

    K. Rollins-Ricketts, Student in Monett, MO

  • "One of the students has such a faint pulse it is extremely hard to hear her B/P. Students with more expensive scope were unable, but I had no problem with the UltraScope!"

    C. Burke, Student in Jackson, WY

  • "I tried L... and other scopes before trying this one. Side-by-side comparison of sound made the decision to go with the UltraScope easy. I heard better through the UltraScope than any other stethoscope I tried that day."

    B. Tullis, Nursing Student in Mesa, AZ

  • "I could hear better from your product than even the higher priced competitor. "

    C. Hartgraves, Nursing in Alto, NM

  • "Fast Delivery! Good Website! Well packaged and great selection of designs and colors!!!"

    A. Berry, Veterinary Assistant, Graduate Student in Kenner, LA

  • "It is beautiful and sounds great UltraScope - Ultraclear! Thanks."

    J. Schmidt, Student in Beaumont, TX

  • "This stethoscope allows me to learn the important sounds much easier by making them much clearer."

    C. Wise, Student in Tucson, AZ

  • "LOVE LOVE LOVE IT! Hot colors. Great style. Auscultation is awesome. Makes my job easier & me look great!!"

    T. Miller, Student Nurse in Garnett, KS

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